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  The following Spotlight is from our new eBook, “How to Start a Lucrative Virtual Bookkeeping Business.” ______________________________________________________________________________________ Fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, & audit, five words that can instill fear in any business owner’s heart. Fires permanently close 44% of the business they affect. Over 60% of businesses confronted with … Continue reading

Bookkeepers – Have You Protected Your Own Backside?

Today, I am going to talk about something that is really close to home for me.  I’m going to talk about ME!  (Yay!… My favorite subject.) Okay – all kidding aside.  Something interesting happened to me this weekend.  This past weekend, I was actually accused of being in collusion with … Continue reading

BOOKKEEPING MONEY SAVER TIP # 8: Dumb Down Your Filing Cabinet

  In my last BOOKKEEPING MONEY-SAVING TIP # 7: Ditch the Office Filing Cabinets I suggested that you ditch the filing cabinet all together and make your filing go completely digital. However, I am now going to be more realistic about this advice. While it is absolutely 100% possible to … Continue reading

Diary of a Bad, Bad Bookkeeper: A Warning Sign

  Dear Diary, Today sucked… and I mean, straight up sucked. There I was, minding my own business, when in walks the boss with a receipt. On the receipt are stamped the letters C.O.D. It was from one of our vendors that apparently hasn’t been paid in so long, they’ve … Continue reading

Creating a Money-Making Business Plan

  In my experience (at least with the small businesses I’ve worked with), a business plan is often considered an “unimportant” waste of time, and many small business owners forego creating one.  The truth, however, is that a Business Plan can be incredibly beneficial for a business.  Not only can … Continue reading

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