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Diary of a Bad, Bad Bookkeeper (Day 30) – The Double Payday Scam

  Dear Diary, Today was payday – the second since I’ve been here.  I figured it was about time to test the Double Payday Scam – to see if my boss would actually catch me. So, I started the day by doing the Word Payroll. Just like two weeks ago, … Continue reading

Paint a Target on Your Customers

  In BOOKKEEPING MONEY-SAVING TIP #4: Analyze Your Business Location, I discussed the fact that many businesses make the mistake of choosing a bad retail location because they don’t analyze the location in relationship to their competitors.  In actuality, proximity to competitors is merely one reason why a business location … Continue reading

I HATE BOOKKEEPING! And Yet I Blog about It

That’s right… I said it.  I HATE BOOKKEEPING!  Hate it.  Hateithateithateit! And not just because it’s tax time (which to a bookkeeper is essentially “catch up” time…aka catching up on everything that everyone else forgot about while racing against multiple deadlines… and not just the April 15th deadline).   Why … Continue reading

Can a Bookkeeper be Held Personally Liable For an SBO’s IRS Debt?

  The answer – “Yes you can!” Many years ago I worked for an employer who owed the IRS $90k in unpaid payroll taxes.  The debt was incurred for several reasons starting with a bookkeeper who did not know the proper procedures for dealing with payroll.  She incorrectly recorded and … Continue reading

Diary of a Bad, Bad Bookkeeper (Day 14) – The Carnage Begins

  Well Diary, Today was the day… the FIRST day that I stole from the company. Today, I forged my first check with the owner’s signature. I would have done it a couple days ago – as soon as I found out the owner doesn’t open the bank statements, and … Continue reading

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