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Lessons Learned from an Email Hacker

Last week, I was the victim of an Email Hacker.  For the first time in 12 years of having my Yahoo Email, someone managed to get in and change my email password.  As I tried frantically for days to get control of my account back, I realized that I had … Continue reading

The One Hour Bookkeeping Method Launches on Friday

Hello Friends, I am proud to say that I am finally releasing "The One Hour Bookkeeping Method" to the world this Friday.  It is a video series that I have been working on for far, far too long – so I am thrilled to finally be getting it off my … Continue reading

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

  Many SBO’s may not realize their decision to classify a worker as an independent contractor rather than an employee can get them into serious trouble with the IRS and possibly the state. Employers pay a matching share of Social Security and Medicare, federal and state unemployment tax and worker’s … Continue reading

Planning Ahead: New IRS Guidance

Carrie Smith lives near Dallas, Texas.  She has worked as a freelance Certified Bookkeeper for approximately 9 years, and as a Tax Specialist for 4 years.  She specializes in small business, and oil & gas accounting. She has written several other finance and accounting articles at  You can see … Continue reading

BOOKKEEPING MONEY SAVER TIP # 8: Dumb Down Your Filing Cabinet

  In my last BOOKKEEPING MONEY-SAVING TIP # 7: Ditch the Office Filing Cabinets I suggested that you ditch the filing cabinet all together and make your filing go completely digital. However, I am now going to be more realistic about this advice. While it is absolutely 100% possible to … Continue reading

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Bad Bookkeeper

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