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Diary of a Bad, Bad Bookkeeper: Men Suck!

  Dear Diary, Today was another, “Not so great day”…but this time it was one for the books. Today, when I went to work, I wasn’t feeling so hot.  In fact, I ended up puking into my office trash can just as the boss walked in. “Hey,” he says to … Continue reading

Lessons Learned from an Email Hacker

Last week, I was the victim of an Email Hacker.  For the first time in 12 years of having my Yahoo Email, someone managed to get in and change my email password.  As I tried frantically for days to get control of my account back, I realized that I had … Continue reading

Why Australian Businesses Seem to Be Failing

  I am not going to sit here and even pretend to be an expert at Australian business.  I have not been in Australia long enough, or done any kind of research on Australian businesses, to proclaim that I am any kind of expert.  However, I am an expert when … Continue reading

Independent Business Owner: Entrepreneur or Square Peg?

  When I first had the idea to blog about the personality traits of Independent Business Owners, I imagined that many (if not most) are innovators and visionaries more prone to taking risks than the average worker bee. That we are often “square pegs” who do better working independently than … Continue reading

Paint a Target on Your Customers

  In BOOKKEEPING MONEY-SAVING TIP #4: Analyze Your Business Location, I discussed the fact that many businesses make the mistake of choosing a bad retail location because they don’t analyze the location in relationship to their competitors.  In actuality, proximity to competitors is merely one reason why a business location … Continue reading

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