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BOOKKEEPING MONEY-SAVING TIP #4: Analyze Your Business Location

One of the biggest mistakes that most retailers make is the choice they make in regards to their retail location.  They don’t properly analyze an area before putting down a lease deposit, and they just assume that if other businesses in the area are doing well, they will do well … Continue reading

Bookkeeping Money-Saving Tip # 15: The Mission Statement

  You may think I’m crazy to say that a Mission Statement is a money saver when it comes to bookkeeping, especially since it seems there is no possible way a Mission Statement can save bookkeeping dollars.  The truth is, anything that has to do with money goes across a … Continue reading

Bookkeepers – Have You Protected Your Own Backside?

Today, I am going to talk about something that is really close to home for me.  I’m going to talk about ME!  (Yay!… My favorite subject.) Okay – all kidding aside.  Something interesting happened to me this weekend.  This past weekend, I was actually accused of being in collusion with … Continue reading

BOOKKEEPING MONEY-SAVING TIP #6: Get a Digital Assistant

Are you a Small Business Owner (SBO) who’s trying to keep track of everything on your own, but it takes forever to gather and/or access all of your data? Are you a bookkeeper who wants to be thought of as “the best bookkeeper EVER” yet it feels like you never … Continue reading

Why You Should Invest in QuickBooks

There’s a saying in Mary Kay that I’ve always lived by.  To paraphrase, the saying goes, “Don’t waste dollars on penny projects.”  If you’re a Small Business Owner (SBO), this phrase for you would mean, spend your time on the things that will make the most money for your business … Continue reading

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Bad Bookkeeper

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