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How I Travelled the World One Luxury Resort at a Time

  Last year was an awesome year for me.  I travelled around the world with my family and stayed only at luxurious resorts.  We stayed in two-bedroom apartments with kitchen facilities, living rooms, and even laundry facilities.  We had maid service, swimming pools, hot tubs…in some places, we even had … Continue reading

Three Important Lessons About Insurance

I hate to say it, but last week was one of those “had to learn the hard way” type of weeks.  I got “Schooled” in insurance in a big, terrible, “wish I’d known before” type of way. In other words, last week sucked – big time!  And I learned a … Continue reading

How to Charge More for What Comes Easily to You

Linda Hunt is the founder of SUMSOLUTIONS, a company devoted to teaching freelance bookkeeping professionals how to build and sustain a profitable practice that supports their body, mind and spirit. Are you ready to learn marketing strategies that work? Click here to join Linda on a FREE webinar for … Continue reading

Feng Shui in the Business World Part 2–Color Basics

In yesterday’s posting, Feng Shui in the Business World, I discussed the concept of Feng Shui and how it is the study of the environment upon the human psyche.  I also stated that with a few applications of Feng Shui to a business, you can change the overall feel of … Continue reading


  One obvious way to save time (and thus money) when it comes to bookkeeping is to avoid as many mistakes as possible.  However, it’s really easy to “accidentally” record items in [ad#Word QuickBooks ] if you’re going quickly, or if something should happen to distract you.  Therefore, to reduce … Continue reading

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Bad Bookkeeper

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